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Books by Vicki Smith Berdit

Counterfeit Kingdom … A false principality with a powerless king.

How can you tell the difference between a counterfeit and the real God, if you do not know the real God? The book is divided into three parts: I. The Great I AM II. The Great I WILL. III. Walking out of Darkness

Freedom is for Such a Time as Now

will take you on an exciting journey through God’s Word to discover His heart on the matter of deliverance. You will learn and grow in understanding of Kingdom living as shackles of spiritual bondage begin to break! Includes many prayers to help you on your way to freedom. Order your copy today.

Who’s Using Your Tongue

Offers an amazing insight into the language of the spirit realm, where you will discover common words and phrases used by different evil spirits as they deceive us into speaking destruction into our own lives and the lives of others. You will learn the power of words, both spoken and heard, and ways to stay out of the enemy’s trap. Includes powerful and effective prayers that will help you overcome the effects of the lies of hell and move into the destiny God has for you.


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1. Pathways to Healing and Health

This introduction is foundational to understanding how body, soul and spirit are connected. It explains sickness is a curse that doesn’t just “happen,” and gives insight into reversing the curses that affect us as Christians.

2. Sin and Spirit World Realities

Learn exactly what sin is, where it originated and where it comes from today. These insights into scripture are essential in understanding mental, physical and emotional afflictions.

3. Pattern of Sin

Shows in scripture the difference between temptation and sin, so that a Christian need never confuse the two again. It also explains how Christians fall into agreement with the counterfeits of God.

4. Separation

Essential understanding that will heighten a Christian’s level of discernment. It teaches how to recognize and separate ourselves from the evil, subtle influences that hinder healing and the walk to Christian maturity.

5. The Father’s Love

Let the healing begin! This is the foundation for all healing, and will reconcile back to Father God those who let the message penetrate their hearts. It shows in scripture the biblical pattern of Godly order, and reveals the heart of God. This ministry heals the broken heart of those who did not have an earthly father who correctly demonstrated the love of God the Father.

6. Position in Christianity

A great teaching that grounds people in their belief and reveals who they are in Christ, and why. Also includes a teaching that helps people who have struggled to forgive themselves and others find forgiveness easy to accomplish. The deception of the spirit of unforgiveness is exposed!

7. Defeating the Spirit of Rejection

Explains why rejection – receiving it or projecting it toward others – is a sin, and how to overcome the spirit of rejection that opens the door to other evil spirits and keeps Christians defeated in their everyday lives, ruins relationships, and creates physical problems.

8. The Spirit of Bitterness

This evil stronghold is the number one block to healing. This CD explains bitterness and how it affects your life, as well as revealing the progression of bitterness through seven “underling” spirits that hold bitterness in place.

9. The Destruction of Envy and Jealousy

Tells the difference between envy, jealousy and covetousness. Explains how to recognize these spirits and get them out of your life.

10. Arresting Accusation

Clearly shows how the spirit of accusation works in and through Christians, and provides deliverance from it.

11. Overcoming Fear

Fear is a spirit, and it is not of God. This teaching will help free you from fear and develop a deeper trust in your Father God and His overcoming power and strength.

12. Anti-Christ Unloving Spirits

Exposes all the SELF stuff that hinders your walk with God and your usefulness in His Kingdom. Deliverance prayer aids in getting rid of these evil spirits.

13. Developing Godly Relationships

This 4-CD set gives clear understanding of conveying a message of honor, resolving relational conflicts, how relational messages affect calling, and becoming an initiator of blessing. Improve your marriage, friendships and family ties through the wisdom in these CDs.

14. The Godhead in Scripture

A fresh revelation that will help you better understand who’s who in the Godhead through scripture, and how to recognize the different functions and administrations of God the Father, God the Word (our Lord Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit.

15. Covenants in Communion

New insights into the romance of God and His love for us. A true blessing that will cause you to embrace our God in communion.

16. The Lord’s Prayer

Totally awesome insight into every line of what we know as the Lord’s Prayer. A depth in meaning and revelation generally untaught in the church today. You will never approach these words as a rote prayer again!

17. Faith for Healing

Scriptures on healing from Genesis to Revelation, read by Pastors Jerry and Vicki White of Freedom’s Way Ministries. Voices are laid over instrumental prophetic worship music by Paster Steve Bartolomeo of Lord of the Harvest Church in Boston.

18. Seeking the Healer

Do you love God and are living right, but still don’t see the manifestation of your healing? Perhaps this is your answer!

19. Freedom from Addictive Spirits

Releasing God’s children from the strongholds of addiction. Understand why addictive spirits have a legal right to take up residence. Remove the right and evict them!

20. Who are the Overcomers?

There is a Bride within the church! Not everyone will rule and reign with Christ. This teaching shows how the believer becomes the overcomer. 2 CD set

21. Closing Doors

Describes the many areas where believers open the door to evil, even unknowingly, and includes deliverance prayer to close those doors.

22. It’s My Choice

Awesome revelatory discussion and message brought forth by the Holy Spirit. There is a balance between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. This CD explains it.

23. Freemasonry – Sin or Social Club?

Shows the truth about Freemasonry, its root and its fruit, so that believers can make an informed decision about this controversy in the church.

24. Understanding Occultism

What is occultic? What makes a modality, practice, or object occult? Includes deliverance prayer. 2 CD set

25. Overcoming Leviathan

Explains the spirit of Leviathan and how it works to keep us out of God’s will. Overcoming evil must first begin with recognizing it! 2 CD set

26. The Spirit of Python

If you’ve felt oppressed, as if a cloud of darkness is over you so that you’re unable to move freely in the things of God, perhaps python is working in your life. Includes deliverance prayer against all religious spirits

27. True Identity

Do we really know and understand who we are? This CD will give you a new perspective on your place and power in the Kingdom of God.

28. Spiritual Authority of Women

This teaching is vital to the understanding of a woman’s spiritual place in the Kingdom of God and clearly explains what “covering” looks like. MEN are set free by this revelation to be priests in the home, properly guiding the spiritual strength of their wives and daughters. Also explains how witches are made.

29. Would You Rather be RIGHT or FREE

This 2 CD set explores and explains our role in the Body of Christ, and how to become free of offense and trusted by God to carry His glory. Gives a clear picture of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and how to stop eating it!

30. Changing our Religious Mindset

We’ve been taught legalism in many ways, but the thing missing from legalism is LOVE. God’s not in it! If you want to move from religion to relationship, listen to this.

31. 5 Aspects of Pride that move from Satan’s Heart and into Ours

In order to separate ourselves from the nature of Satan, we must recognize five aspects of pride and how they’ve invaded our own hearts. This is a simple message that brings great truth that will set you free of pride, and revelation to keep you out of it.

32. Trees of Righteousness

What does it mean to be a tree of righteousness, the planting of the Lord? This teaching gives examples of different trees in the Bible and how they symbolize the life of believers. What kind of tree are you? Find out.

33. Wells of God

The Lord wants us to flow with His living water, bringing refreshing and healing to all around us. Learn who you are as a well of God!

34. How to Answer Hard Questions

This set includes seven different teachings on 10 CDs. The information is foundational to who we are in Christ and gives clear answers you can use to advance the Kingdom of God. Includes:

  1. The Word – answers the question, “How can I believe the Bible is the Word of God and not man?”
  2. Repentance from Dead Works – answers the question, “What are dead works, and what is repentance?”
  3. Faith Toward God – answers the question, “What is faith and how do I direct it?”
  4. Doctrine of Baptisms – answers the question, “Is there really more than one baptism? What are they and why do I need them?”
  5. Laying on of Hands – answers the question, “What is the authority in laying on of hands and who has it?”
  6. Resurrection from the dead – answers the question, “When am I resurrected and what does that look like?”
  7. Eternal Judgment – answers the question, “What happens at the judgment seat of Christ and what about people who never heard the gospel?”

35. Four Areas of Satan’s Legal Right to Hold Curses in Place in our Lives

There is no power in evil outside our agreement with it, and so the devil deceives us into agreement. If you want to fully understand why generational curses are not automatically removed when we become born again, or the meaning of associational sin and the results it can cause, this series will be valuable to you. It also explores and explains personal sin from the aspect of Biblical curses, and the stings of witchcraft, and how to overcome all curses. 6 CD set includes:

  1. Presents an overview of the series and how Satan takes any disagreement with God as an agreement with him. Explains associational sin, what it is, how we fall into it and how to get out of it. Deliverance from Biblical curses brought through associational sin.
  2. Answers the question, “What is a curse?” and reveals the balance between God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. Names many Biblical curses resulting from personal sin. Deliverance from word curses and Biblical curses names in this teaching.
  3. Explains generational sin and how the sins of our fathers affect us as Christians. Looks at Biblical examples and curses of generational sin. Answers the question, “What is the gap?’ and reveals God’s heart on “standing in the gap.” Deliverance from generational curses and familiar spirits.
  4. Continues to explore and explain the many Biblical curses named in the Word, so that we do NOT do the unrighteous thing. Shows how our words and actions affect others and not just ourselves. Deliverance from the sins that result from going our own way.
  5. Who are the anointed of God? What makes an object cursed? Examples of cursed objects and deliverance from the curses attached. Connection between rebellion and witchcraft. Definitions of witchcraft and incantation, and why witches have power. Explanation of Christian witchcraft.
  6. Satanic ritual and “limbo” – brief descriptions for better understanding. The “stings” (progression or indications) of witchcraft. Examples of Christian witchcraft prayers. Deliverance from the stings of witchcraft.

36. Reclaiming and Restoring the Land

What gives demons “squatters rights” to hang out in a certain area? Are there things in your home that go “bump in the night?” Can an object be cursed and bring a curse into your home? This series will help you rid your home and land of all demonic influence. Includes prayers for every room in your home. 3 CD set.

37. Jerry’s Testimony

Testimony actually means, “Do it again, God!” Pastor Jerry White is a walking miracle, to the glory of God. Hear how God snatched him from the jaws of death and supernaturally sustains him today! Think you had a rough childhood? Look what the Lord has done! What He did for Jerry, He will do for you if you’ll receive it! Recorded live on teleconference.

38. Vicki’s Testimony

The woman at the well had nothing on Pastor Vicki! Hear how God rescued her from self-destruction and turned her life completely around. Testimonies of healing and deliverance are included. Testimony actually means “do it again, God!” What He did for Vicki, He will do for you if you’ll receive it! Recorded live on teleconference. 2 CD set

39. Removing Fear of the End Times

Awesome revelation that will relieve any fear you might have about the end times. Give’s the Biblical viewpoint rather than “newspaper exegesis.” Reveals the truth about antichrist and the rapture.

40. Dreams

Hearing from God in the Night (Minister Teresa Reynolds)Understand dreams and visions and their role in our destiny as individuals. Discover how to read and understand the metaphoric language of the Bible and the symbolic language of dreams.

41. Surviving the Holidays (Minister Teresa Reynolds)

Scriptural answers to stress, discouragement and depression.

42. Learning to Hear God’s Voice

(Minister Teressa Reynolds) 2 CD Set
Instruction in hearing God’s voice and the basics in developing your prophetic gifting.

43. Understanding the Book of Revelation

This is an in-depth study of John’s revelation of the end of the age, and although there are 18 CDs to date, the study is not yet completed. Here is an overview of each teaching:

  1. Studies Christ’s appearing and the question of the rapture.
  2. Addresses how to read Biblical prophecy.
  3. Explains Daniel’s 70th week prophecy.
  4. Addresses the timeline of God’s Kingdom on earth.
  5. Addresses the 1000-year reign of Christ and the time of tribulation.
  6. Begins a verse by verse study with Rev. 1:1-6.
  7. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 1:7-15
  8. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 1:16-20
  9. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 2:1-11
  10. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 2:12-29
  11. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 3:1-13
  12. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 3:14-22
  13. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 4:1-4
  14. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 4:5-7
  15. Continues verse by verse w/ Rev. 4:8-11 & 5:1-4
  16. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 5:5-7
  17. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 5:8-14
  18. Continues verse by verse study with Rev. 6:1-2

44. Keys to Kingdom Living – Faith

Faith is more than simply sitting around and believing God’s Word is true… it is recognizing and pressing into the authority that makes it true in our lives! Learn how to turn God’s promises into benefits.

45. Keys to Kingdom Living – Righteousness

Grasp the revelation that righteousness in not something you DO, it’s who you ARE. Move out of religion and into your place of relationship in Christ Jesus.

46. Keys to Kingdom Living – Peace

Be the one to whom others turn in crisis because of the peace that surpasses all understanding that dwells IN YOU! Learn to tap into and bring forth peace for reconciliation and restoration in your own life, your family, your community and your nation.

47. Keys to Kingdom Living – Joy

What is the joy of the Lord? What joy did He see beyond the cross and how can you have the same joy? Find out how to recognize and bring forth the joy that sustains and strengthens you in any challenge or adversity.

48. Keys to Kingdom Living – Attitudes

Gain greater clarity into the eight attitudes Jesus named which cause a person to be blessed with specific blessings, so that you, too, can walk in those blessings!

49. Keys to Kingdom Living – The Constitution of the Kingdom of God

On two CDs, find out and understand 17 specific directives Jesus named in His “Sermon on the Mount” which make up the founding principles of our Christian walk.

50. Avoiding the Stings of Witchcraft

The message exposes the wiles of the devil and how he deceives us, even in our prayer life! Shows what witchcraft is, and how to use our spiritual authority to deflect its arrows.

51. Glory of God

Learn how to humbly, yet confidently, exhibit God’s glory, so the world sees HIM and not you!

52. Mouse in the House

Why are there so many different views of deliverance, and so much controversy in the Body of Christ about demons? This word from the Lord gives the insight we need to move forward and fulfill our purpose in God.

53. You Can Praise Your Way Through Anything!

God can’t work with what you don’t have, and what you can’t do. This two-CD set helps you learn how to bring God something He can respond to… PRAISE! Gain insight and understanding of 17 different Hebrew and Greek words meaning “praise” of one kind or another.

54. Spiritual Deception in the Church

Jesus defeated Satan in four areas, covering every aspect of our lives… sin, sickness, poverty and death; yet the enemy continues his deception in all these aspects. The devil has instilled his doctrine into the church, and in order to remove it, you have to be able to recognize it. This set of four CDs of the areas of spiritual deception – SIN, SICKNESS, POVERTY and DEATH – exposes the lies of hell which are taught by religion, and compares them to the truth of the Word of God.

55. The Faith Series Part One – Faith 101

The first five CDs in the Faith Series cover a variety of truths concerning faith, and will provide fresh revelation to help you discover and grow the faith within you.
Topics include:

  1. The marriage of belief and action. Does faith have a “who?” What is NOW faith? What does faith say? Faith and works connected.
  2. How does faith work? Who does faith work for? How does faith grow?
  3. The force of faith. What is the measure of faith in a believer? What should we confess? Taking dominion through faith.
  4. Faith vs Reasoning. Dominate the law of death. Activating angels. Five confessions we must make.
  5. Faith that pleases God. The seed of Abraham. What Abraham found.

56. The Faith Series Part Three – Faith 201

The final set of five CDs in the Faith Series ties everything together and enforces the truth about faith.
Topics include:

  1. The authority of the believer.
  2. The seed of faith. Hindrances to faith.
  3. Releasing the power of faith.
  4. Important things to know about God’s faith. Applying God’s faith.
  5. Having faith in our faith. Standing in patience.

57. The Shame Series

This 9-CD set is a powerful study of shame, how it has worked to steal the identity of God’s people, and how we overcome the lies of shame.
Topics include:

  1. Indicators of shame
  2. Common needs of people and door points of shame
  3. Characteristics of shame-bound people
  4. Family dysfunction and societal shame
  5. Cultural shame and shame in the church
  6. Corporate and national shame, and four expressions of grace
  7. Practical ways to overcome a shame-based false identity
  8. Correcting warped thinking and wrong views of God
  9. Accepting truth and affirming our true identity

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