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CD duplicator In order to continue to keep the pace of growth we are experiencing, we need your help! We need to purchase a larger CD duplicator, and hope to buy one that will print labels automatically also – estimated expense $2500. (Or does someone have a working CD duplicator to donate that imprints labels as it burns.)

We do not charge for any of our materials, and so are completely dependent on your donations in order to continue to produce CDs, publish books, and ship them at no cost throughout the country. Our financial need is great, and we are most grateful for your support. Please consider becoming a monthly contributor to Freedom’s Way. We need you!

Internet Radio – We wish to expand internet radio so that listeners can pick what they want to hear when they want to hear it, and to branch out to regular radio stations as well. To do so, on internet radio and in a few small markets would add about $2000 per month to our operating budget. If you can help us reach this goal, whatever portion you pledge will be greatly appreciated.

Many people have requested that we go “live” on internet with our teleconference meetings. In order to do that and still be able to record for CDs, we must have another computer, router, web cam or other video recording camera or device, and software. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just functional.(Can anybody find one through organizations such as a Yahoo group Freecycle or a local trading paper?)

Those who join us on teleconference lines are greatly blessed and testify of how their lives have been transformed by the power and presence of God. With an addition of $250 monthly into the ministry, we can spread the word through advertising the teleconference information and other services in Christian magazines like Charisma and Zion’s Hope, etc. Can you help?

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Pastor Vicki Berdit

Please call 904-993-2876 for personal prayer ministry and appointment.
There is no charge for this!