Teleconference Schedules

1)  Twice-weekly evening teleconference meetings provide deeper insight into the Word of God and greater revelation of our part in God’s plan. Please join us on line Monday night and Friday night every week at 8:30 PM EST. Discover personal freedom and practical application for your life, healing scripture and prayer. The conference ends approximately 9:30 pm EST.

Teaching: Monday & Friday 8:30-9:30 p.m. EST
Conference Phone: 605-475-2090
Access Code: 373363# (FreeMe#) 


2) “The King’s Table”  Join us each weekday morning at 7:15 EST for prayer and Bible reading, with insights from the Holy Spirit that bring the Word alive.

The Kings Table: M,T,W,TH,F 7:15-9:00 am EST
Conference Phone: 605-475-2090
Access Code: 373363# (FreeMe#) 

​We pray favor over our lives and our loved ones, take authority over the day, pray for our children and our identity in Christ (See BELOW for your own printable copies.). We then read five psalms, a proverb, two chapters in the Old Testament and two chapters in the New Testament. You are welcome to be a part of this life-transforming time.

Dial in when you can, stay on line as long as you want to. After the reading, we have discussion of the Word, share praise reports, and take prayer requests. Normally, the conference ends between 8:30-9:00 AM.

Morning Prayers

If you would like to participate with our LIVE morning prayer line, please download one (or all) and make sure that you UNMUTE your phone by pressing *6



Heavenly Father,

In the name of Jesus Christ, we declare that we have Your favor today.

We declare that we are strong and well able to fulfill our God given destiny; we know You are fighting our battles for us. We declare that we are victors and not victims. We may have been defeated in the past but the past is past, this is a new day.

Your word says that “we are the head and not the tail; We will lend and not borrow”.

Everything we touch will prosper and succeed according to Your perfect will because of Your favor my Father.

We declare that by Your stripes we are healed today. We have eternal life and will not die. We declare that You are restoring health unto us and with long life You satisfy us.

Father, today, we declare Your favor in our relationships with You, favor in our relationships with our spouses and our families, favor in relationships with our friends, and favor in relationships in our businesses and with our government.

We declare that we are highly favored by man, and that because of our favor we add value to whatever or whomever we’re involved with.

We want to thank You for causing us to be at the right place at the right time. We want to thank You for causing people to want to help and bless us.

Today, Father we want to thank You for blessing us with creativity, we want to thank Your for causing us to make good decisions with a clear mind.

We declare that You are smiling down on us today and that Your favor will be in everything we do because we are pleasing to You.

We declare that we are and will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country, blessed coming in and blessed going out.

We claim right now, Psalm 84:11 that You are blessing us with favor and honor and no good thing will You withhold from us because our walk is blameless.

We claim Habakkuk 2:3 that our vision is for an appointed time. Though it may tarry, we will earnestly wait for it, for it will surely come.

We declare today that we are filled with Your “can do power” my Father. Between You and us, we are the majority and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We know that Your Word says that “no man has seen, heard or even imagined the wonderful things that You have in store for those that love You” and we want to tell You this day that we love You and we want to thank You for loving us.

We want to thank You for Your favor today, not because of who we are, but because of Whose we are. We are children of the Most High God, the Creator of the whole universe.

We commit this day to you

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Father God, we come before You in the name of the Lord Jesus and we thank You for giving us power over all the power of the enemy. Thank You, Lord for Your goodness and Your wonderful works to the children of men. We declare our need for You, God, and we thank You for the authority of Your name. And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is come in the flesh, we command this day to be given over wholly and completely to the Lord. This is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it!


In the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I call this day forth to be a day of peace and prosperity, a day of protection, a day of productivity and a day of purpose for the children of God – and a day of utter defeat, weakness and fatigue to the enemies of the saints. I declare to all evil spirits – you have no strength to carry out your assignments against God’s people this day.


I speak confusion and contention into the camp of the enemy. I cancel every demonic assignment intended for this day against the saints of God. In the name of Jesus, I come against and destroy the plans and strategies of the enemy, burning them in the consuming fire of the Living God. With the sword of the Spirit of God, I sever all lines of communication in the demonic realm and cut off all supply lines to the enemy’s camp. I leave you undernourished and ill-equipped.


With the sword of the Spirit, I cut through generational cords of iniquity and evil soul ties that have held sin in place in our lives, and I revoke every ungodly covenant, every bitter root judgment and inner vow. I reverse every curse that has been sent forth against the people of God in this day, and I send them back to the sender now. I speak to the tormenter and I declare every moment of torment, affliction and pain you have intended for this day is now turned back against you.


Father I thank You for giving us the keys to Your Kingdom. I thank You for the key of binding and loosing, and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind each one of us body, soul and spirit to the will and purposes of God for our lives. I bind us to God’s calling, His purposes, His ways and His directions for our lives. And I loose every one from anything in our lives that interferes with God’s call, His purposes, plans and blessings on our lives. I bind us to the will of God. I bind our reactions to the mind of Christ and to the fruit of the Holy Spirit of God. I bind my will and the will of every person in the sound of my voice to obedience to God, to the Word of God and to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I bind our lives and the lives of our family members to a life of prayer, a life of love, a life of forgiveness and generosity, and I loose every one of us and our families from anything and everything that hinders our obedience to God and the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


I loose every one from all strongholds of fear, self-protection, self-preservation, rebellion, distrust, suspicion, pride and anger. And I bind us and our family members to the Vine of the Lord Jesus Christ, that HIS life may flow through us in wisdom and righteousness and sanctification. I loose each one from all selfish agendas for this day and every day, and I bind us to the purposes, plans and calling of God for us.


In the name of Jesus, I loose myself and every person on this line, and those who could not be with us today, from the effects of all hurts and unmet needs of our past, and from all defensive mechanisms we have built around those hurts, including angry responses, prejudices, resentments and fears. I loose each one of us from all soulish mechanisms within us that hinder us from responding to God and to His will, from all wrong beliefs in our hearts, and all spiritual deception. I loose us from all wrong habits of thinking, ungodly motivations and desires, including all patterns of resentment, self hatred, envy and jealousy, and I bind us each and every one to the love, kindness and graciousness of the Holy Spirit.


I  loose  every one of us, and our family members, from all generational curses, mindsets and oppressions, including all spirits of infirmity, spirits of fear, spirits of guilt, spirits of oppression and poverty, spirits of death and destruction; and I bind us every one to the abundant life of Christ and the blessings of Almighty God. I loose our lives from all depressions, discouragements and regrets, and I bind us to the peace and joy of the Lord Jesus. I loose every one of us and our family members from all hindrances from within and without, including inferiority and intimidation. I loose us from all demonic subjection to any person living or dead who has dominated us in an ungodly manner; and I bind us every one to God’s freedom and His boldness.


I loose every person from discontent, grumbling and complaint, and I bind us to thanksgiving, gratitude, graciousness and hope. I loose us from all deceptions, wrong ideas, doctrinal and cultural prejudices, false philosophical and theological ideas that would cloud our thinking and I bind us every one to the Word of God, to the mind of Christ and to the correction of the Holy Spirit.


I loose each one of us from the effects of occult activity, secret oaths, and idolatry in our own lives or in the lives of our family members, and I bind every one of us, and our families, to the full Lordship of Jesus Christ. I loose each one from the effects of all our wrong choices and the wrong choices of our parents and grandparents, and I bind us every one to God’s redemptive blessings. I loose us from unbelief and I bind us to faith and trust in the Living God. I bind all evil spirits that have stolen any part of our inheritance – I bind them from operating, and I loose all blessings, goods and opportunities that have been stolen from us. I ask God to send His angels to the far corners of the earth and the heavens to gather every godly thing that has been stolen from us and to return it to its proper place.


Father, I speak to every evil agent in the earth – every witch, every warlock, every Hindu, every Buddhist, every Muslim, every person following a false religion or no religion at all, every one who is serving another god, the god of self, every one who is deceived by doctrines of devils within and without the church, and I call each one into a revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ and I bless you with salvation. Father, I ask that You reveal Yourself to these people who are deceived and snared by the devil. Give them Your gift of repentance, Lord, to the acknowledging of the truth that they can recover themselves from that snare.


We come against the power of darkness and we declare the light of the Truth and the Word of the Living God will shine forth in full measure in this day, melting the darkness as wax melts before a flame. LET GOD ARISE. Arise in us, oh God, scatter Your enemies, as smoke is driven away, so drive them away, Lord.


You alone are God. You are Lord of lords and King of kings, and we declare our need for You! We speak life into this day and not death, blessing and not curse. This is the day the Lord has made! We line ourselves up in agreement with You, Father, in the course of destiny You have ordained for us from before the foundation of the world. We ask that You keep us in that course, Lord, that we are in the place we need to be to be used by You. Show us, Lord God, who can we bless today! In the name of Jesus, bless our children.


This prayer is from Kim Daniels’ ministry. She also has a command the morning prayer, but we don’t use hers (although it is very good).

Father God, in the name of Jesus, I repent of my sins and any iniquities of my past or present that may work against the live of my children in a negative fashion. I call out my children by name (name each child). I thank you for the salvation, healing, deliverance and prosperity of my children. Let every hidden and secret enemy operating behind the scenes in their lives be under the spotlight of the Holy Ghost, UNCOVERED FOREVER! I command every generational sin in my life and the lives of my ancestors to disconnect from their heritage now, in Jesus name! I plead the blood of Jesus over my child’s naval. The blessings shall flow to my children and not the curses. Every demonic umbilical cord is severed. All inheritances that rebelliously flow through my blood line are cut off from them forever. All destiny devouring spirits are displaced by the Destiny Angel of the Lord.

I walk in the authority that Jesus has given me over my seed! I break the powers of peer pressure and ungodly association. My children shall lead and not follow. They are not bound and influenced by the “spirit of the world.” Every vicious cycle that is ruling over the heads of my children through association, incantation or generational influences is broken by the whirlwind of the Lord. Self-inflicted curses through negative confessions are broken. All negative words spoken over my children through ignorance or intention are erased. I cause doors that have illegitimately or legally made a way of demonic activity to operate in my children’s lives to be closed forever!

All seeds that have been planted in my children’s lives while they were sleeping are uprooted. The fallowed grounds are broken up and the seeds of the Lord displace them. Every entry point through a nightmare or dark vision through astral activity is closed continually. I plead the blood of Jesus over my children as they sleep at night! I command sweet sleep and divine rest upon them. Incubus and succubus and all other forms of perversion are bound, in Jesus name! I take authority over the terrors that come by night and declare that as the sun rises it will shine favor upon my seed. The will of the God has captured my children’s days. They shall fulfill the call of the Lord and be called blessed!

Princes, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places have no dominion over my children. The spiritual airways are prosperous over the heads of my children and they shall lives full lives. The statistics of the children of the world shall not overcome them because they are children of the light. The countenances of my children shall shine above the children of the world. They shall not eat of the king’s portion but shall be continually transformed into the image of Christ.

My children are in the world but not of the world. The wealth of the wicked is finding its way to them. The heathen shall be their inheritance. They shall possess the gates of their enemies and displace them. The god of the cosmos is bound and cannot prosper against them. My children can discern the difference between what is holy and what is common. They shall not be set up or deceived by cosmetic fetishes (people, places or things with demons attached). The borders are being extended for my children; they shall rise up and demand room to live!

Rebellion, disobedience and unbelief have no rule over my seed. I circumcise my children with a sharp knife (the word of the Lord) and pull them out of the ways of the uncircumcised. My children are wealthy, wise and in a place to receive from God! The words that I speak over them, they shall speak over their seed. My children shall not be prematurely taken out by sickness, disease, accidents, incidents, the abortionists* or the cares of this world. They shall live long, prosperous lives and serve God eternally. This is the heritage of my seed for a thousand generations. Let these words be forever programmed in heavens. AMEN!

*added by Judy at the Lord’s direction (He is a generational God!)




When I am focused on what I don’t have, and what I can’t do, God has nothing to work with! I must bring him what I do have and what I can do, and He will multiply it. God prospers me. I do not prosper me. He takes care of my needs for no other reason than He loves me. One of His names is Jehovah Jireh, which means, “God will see to it.” So, whatever I need, I can be sure God will supply it because that’s Who He is.

What do I have and what can I do? I will bring God myself, and give Him my life daily in praise and worship. I will recognize Him and exalt Him and speak HIS word and not the word of the world.  I have a voice to worship with, to sing with, to encourage others with. I have a mind with which I can choose to agree with God and what He says about me and others.  I have a will that I can use to stand against the assignment of the enemy who tries to define my identity and a will to resolve that only the Lord Jesus Christ has the authority to define my identity. My identity is not in what I can do, it is in what HE can do through me.

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